VIVIAN YANG | Operations and Market MANAGER

Vivian hopes to build stronger communities and bring people together through organizing interactive events. Recently, she discovered a love for working with people and inspiring others to pursue their passions. As the operations and market manager, Vivian hopes to learn more about sustainable living and also to encourage others to get more involved in their own communities. In addition, Vivian loves all sorts of arts and crafts and has a background in textile arts. She graduated from the University of Washington and now lives in Snoqualmie with her family. 


Board of Directors



Amanda joins the farmers market as a board member after being an enthusiastic patron for the last several years. She has a heart for philanthropy and making Bellevue a wonderful place for all its residents. Amanda lives with her husband and three young children in Bridle Trails, where they prepare and eat colorful market produce all season long. When Amanda isn’t thinking about food, she spends her time distance running, skiing, quilting, and uncovering our community’s hidden gems with her family.


parker fox | SECRETARY

Parker is a seasoned marketer with a diverse set of experiences across industries.  Having spent time in both large companies like Microsoft and Aol and small family owned businesses, he has a unique perspective on how to make deep connections to customers.   Parker earned his B.A. from Westmont College and an M.B.A. from Boston University. 


John Hamlin | Treasurer