Last Market of the Season!

How will we remember the 2018 Market season? Maybe as the smoky one? The one where berries came early and lasted the whole rest of the time? The season where we tried that new melon variety or drank enough kumis and kombucha to repopulate ten antibiotic-decimated guts?

I’m looking at you, mango flavor.

I’m looking at you, mango flavor.

But all good things must come to an end. (Though, have you ever thought about that saying? Why on earth must they?) In the case of living on our seasonal planet, we’re entering the season of cold temperatures and little outdoor growth, when we all get to take a break from yard work, at the cost of not getting our fresh, local, seasonal produce.

Look, Ma, no lawnmower! [Photo by  Simon Matzinger  on  Unsplash  ]

Look, Ma, no lawnmower! [Photo by Simon Matzinger on Unsplash ]

Be sure to get down to the Market one last time this Thursday, for that last bag of Honeycrisp apples or slice of pizza or baked mini-pie or bouquet of flowers! And then, remember, you can celebrate another great season and enjoy tasty hors-doeuvres at the Happy Hour Fundraiser the following Thursday. Get your tickets now!

The season ends, but my obsession with food goes on... I’m reading M. F. K. Fisher for the first time, thinking about food legacies and breakfast cereals, so you’ll be hearing about all that in future posts. Thanks, folks. Thank you. If you enjoyed the blog, I’ll be here all year.